Frequently asked questions

Is there a lease? How long?

Our typical contract is for three years, but this is negotiable depending on location.

How much does a KMI ATM machine cost me?

Nothing. The machine is placed in your location free-of-charge. You provide power, and we provide all the rest.

Why should I use KMI ATM?

Because you want a hassle free professional relationship built on trust and transparency. We promise a low stress, no cost ATM installation to help you generate additional revenue, foot traffic, credit card fee savings especially on debit cards, and a professional relationship built on trust and service. We meet with you to discuss your business, identify whether an ATM makes sense for you, and walk through the different types of installations to maximize earning potential and fit for your business.

How much money can I make?

It depends on the traffic to your business and the number of transactions. Generally clients receive $1 per transaction, and if you are a business that prefers cash, that can translate in to significant revenue for no additional cost or effort.

I've seen ATMs stolen on Youtube videos. How do you prevent damage to my property?

We've seen the videos too, and a few simple changes make our ATMs unattractive for attempted theft. Our machines are bolted to the ground and are manufactured with 1/8" steel, and we locate them away from the front doors and windows to greatly reduce the opportunity for someone to use an automobile or truck to generate enough leverage to break them free.

How big is the ATM?

It is just over 4 feet tall, with a footprint of about two feet square.

Who is responsible for installation, maintenance or repairs and what is the cost?

We are totally responsible for installation, maintenance and repairs, and cash loading; and there is no charge to you. We are able to monitor the machine remotely to identify issues and fix them promptly.

Am I liable for any fraudulent transactions?

No. Every KMI ATM has a chip reader for security, and transactions are only completed after the customer enters their PIN. The ATM communicates via our transaction processor to the customer's bank, and the bank authorizes their funds to be distributed to the customer. Of course, it is the customer's responsibility to keep their PIN confidential.

Will the ATM eat cards?

No. The ATM chip reader can't eat a card. The card remains external to the machine for the entire transaction.

Do my employees have to do anything?

No, KMI is responsible for the cash loading, service, and maintenance. Outside of supplying power, we handle everything else.

Is KMI affiliated with any bank?

No, we are a third party ATM provider that interfaces with every bank, but we are not affiliated.

Do you do events and festivals?

Yes, we have the capability to deploy several temporary outside ATMs in enclosures for just about any festival or event.

Have a question we didn't answer?

Please call or email us and we'll happily answer any questions you have. If they are good ones, we'll update our FAQs!

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